Business Groups

Our two operationally separate business groups work together to maximise risk-adjusted returns for each client's objectives and circumstances.

Portfolio Management Group

Our Portfolio Management Group uses a proprietary model that combines diversified, best-in-class hedge fund managers and strategies with traditional pure-long investments and direct private equity deals structured to meet each client's risk-reward objectives and criteria. We conduct all of our research in-house and utilise in-depth qualitative and quantitative analysis.

We believe that proper manager assessment effectively separates luck from skill and confirms repeatable process. We meet and review over 200 potential managers each year, selecting fewer than 10 for new investments. From our current approved list of 46 managers, we carefully size our allocations by strategy and asset class, including where appropriate, our private equity opportunities, to create completely tailor-made portfolios.

Direct Private Equity Investments Group

Our DPE Group source and access proprietary deals through Generation's international networks in industry and governments.

Generation's in-house Direct PE Group manages all the sourcing, structuring and execution of its direct equity investments in private companies with high growth potential for clients and co-investors. We offer the opportunity to invest in our PE portfolio companies directly or via our bespoke investment partnership vehicles that we customise, structure and establish.