Business Practices

Our Portfolio Management Group designs and manages bespoke diversified portfolios of managers and public securities and our private equity investments are managed by our Direct Private Equity Group.

Our Portfolio Management Group

Generation’s portfolio management team takes a simple fundamental investment approach. We only invest in strategies and assets that we understand thoroughly. We are independent thinking, pragmatic and opportunistic and at all times evaluating and balancing overall investment risk and reward. Our core objective is to acquire productive assets that preserve yet grow our clients’ wealth.

Our team’s personalised service begins with understanding our clients and establishing clearly defined investment goals for each. We then construct bespoke portfolios tailored to each client’s objectives, constraints and preferences by building and investing in a diversified portfolio of traditional and alternative assets, securities and managers.

Our wealth management team believe that long-term client relationships can only be built on close communication and trust.

Our Direct Private Equity Group

A unique feature of Generation is that we provide our clients and investors direct access to our internal private equity deals as:

  • Part of their overall portfolio solution, and
  • Direct stand-alone PE investments.

Our Direct Private Equity Group has a successful track record achieving high, risk-adjusted returns that exceed those possible in the public equity markets. We take an industrial, operations-intensive approach to managing our portfolio companies. We invest in sectors in which we are partnered with highly skilled industrial management teams that have the proven ability to build companies and investor value through operational excellence. We create high investor returns by acquiring, restructuring and developing undervalued companies and assets that our industry management experts can successfully operate, build and grow - not by relying on LBO financial leverage strategies.