Portfolio Management

Tailored investment and management solutions for family offices and institutions

Investment Philosophy

  • We focus on capital conservation while avoiding risk that is not properly rewarded
  • We are opportunistic and prepared to take advantage of market overreaction and accept volatility where we have proven competency
  • We only invest in private equity investments when we are directly involved in and fully understand the opportunity, the company and the management
  • We provide our clients access to world-class, difficult to source investment opportunities that our partners invest in alongside our clients

Portfolio Management

We provide a highly personalised service. We build relationships of trust with each of our clients through regular and close communication. We firstly understand each client’s unique circumstances, objectives, constraints and preferences for capital preservation and wealth creation.

We then establish defined investment goals with each client, upon which we design and build a bespoke investment portfolio. Each client portfolio is constructed with a unique combination of traditional and alternative asset classes, securities and managers from across the globe. We regularly review and analyse on-going portfolio performance together with every client. We control portfolio risk via our own research, analytical systems and governance.


Generation has pioneered and perfected its consolidated client reporting system over the past 10 years. Our reports are tailor made to suit the specific requirements of each client.

Our system brings together onto a single consolidated statement all of the investment holdings' data from each client’s multiple custodians. This enables us to monitor and analyse a client's entire holdings for integrated decision making and risk management. Our system clarifies and corrects critical data, identifies hidden exposures and risks and provides detailed performance attribution which together allow our portfolio managers and your Chief Investment Officers to make informed and timely investment and rebalancing decisions.

Custody & Investment Platform Advisory

Our investment and reporting services are designed to integrate fully with our client’s current custodial arrangements. We are highly experienced operating with all leading service providers. Our services ensure best execution at best prices with our client’s custody providers. When clients wish to move or add a new custody and or execution arrangement, we advise and support them though this process.

The Generation Audit Process

Our proprietary reporting and consolidation process is transaction driven. Our process assures that every transaction from each client custodian is verified and re-verified for accuracy to ensure accurate position reconciliation and price verification. The Generation audit process saves our clients time and money and ensures control over external service providers.